Top 20 Most Expensive Homes in Wichita

    We all daydream. Some of us about loved ones or the future. Here at Select Homes we dream of what else—our dream home. We’re not alone. According to a study done by Trulia 43% of adult would prefer a larger home. Let us indulge those dreams for a little while.

    The top 20 most expensive homes for sale in Wichita

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    What does your dream home look like? Modern or rustic? Secluded? Or would you prefer an urban oasis. The options for beautiful homes is astounding and even right here in Wichita we have tons of breathtaking homes. At Select Homes we believe dreams can become reality. Start getting ideas with these luxury homes. Tennis courts, 5 car garages, and indoor pools are just some of the many ammenities contained within.

    Even if you aren’t quite ready to move in these homes are automatically updated; so be sure to come back every now and again to see the best Wichita has to offer.

    On a more down to earth note—you don’t have to be wealthy to get the home of your dreams. Not all of us even want a million-dollar listing. Reach out to us and one of our knowledgeable and experienced agent can help you find your perfect home.

    Don’t want the dream to end?

    It doesn’t need to! We have tons of homes for you to look at, all price ranges.

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