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    Sell Your Home at Auction – Save Time and $$$

    Drive the Value of Your Home UP – Drive the Stress of Selling DOWN

    Sell your home in weeks instead of months—all while avoiding the hassles of contracts, repairs, and having to constantly stage your home for showings.

    Why Sell Your Home at Auction?

    What are some of the best reasons to sell your house at auction?

    • You have maximum control over scheduling. You control the date of the sale, and you get to schedule a few open houses. No spur-of-the-moment showings.
    • You control all of the conditions of the sale. You have maximum conrol over how the transaction will work.
    • Sell your property AS IS. There is absolutely no requirement to do work on your property.
    • You skip lengthy contract negotiations. That means no post-sale contigencies and other hurdles that can kill a signed contract.
    • Buyers show up at the auction pre-qualified and ready to buy. Dramatically less tire-kickers and low-ballers.
    • Buyers are in obvious and transparent competition with each other. That means they know exactly what they have to do to win your property.
    • You just can’t beat the energy of an auction. Buyers are excited, competitive, and eager to win your property.
    • Your home can sell faster than with traditional methods. Because you get to pick the sale date, you can reduce the amount of time your home is on the market. That means waiting weeks, not months, for your home to sell.
    • Price negotiations at an auction go UP, rather than down like in most other methods of selling.
    • You still leverage the influence of real estate agents, as they bring in the buyers for your property.

    Convinced that an auction is right for you? Let’s schedule a time to chat with one of our Auction staff.

    What Makes a Property a Good Auction Property?

    Real estate auctions can be a powerful way to sell properties that are difficult to value. What makes a property hard to value?

    • It has limited comparable sales because there are few properties like it
    • It is a multi-parcel property that could be sold as a whole or in pieces
    • It is located in an unusual place
    • It has a high cost of carry

    Additionally, any time a seller wants to preserve maximum control over the sale, picking the timeframe of the sale and the conditions of the sale, an auction can be a great fit.


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