Immediate Cash Buyout Program

    Immediate Cash Buyout Program - Sell Homes Fast
    Immediate Cash Offer - Quickly Sell Homes

    Sell Your Home AS IS In Under 7 Days

    Get A Cash Offer After 24 Hours – No Commissions

    If you need to sell your home in Wichita FAST, this is the program for you. We’ll make a cash offer for your home after 24 hours, as is! No commissions, no lengthy contract process, and no costly repairs before you leave.

    How Our Immediate Cash Buyout Program Works

    1) Contact Us Today

    Send us your information via the form below, and we’ll give you a call to schedule a viewing of your home.
    You can also give us a call directly at (316) 684-0000. Be sure to mention the “Immediate Cash Buyout Program.”

    2) We’ll Schedule A Time To Tour Your Home

    One of our professional Listing Agents will visit your home and take a quick tour to assess the value of the home. Remember—our offer will be an as-is offer, meaning no matter what we find, you won’t have any repairs to do. Avoid having to stage your home and endure weeks of showings. Talk about hassle-free!

    3) You’ll Get A Cash Offer Within 24 Hours

    After we view your home, we’ll give you a cash offer, allowing you to immediately sell your home—no lengthy contract process, no unqualified buyers, no nickel-and-diming.

    4) We’ll Handle The Paperwork, Without Any Commissions or Fees

    Homes sold in our Immediate Cash Buyout program can close in as little as 7 days! Our qualified team of Transactions specialists handles the sale, guaranteeing that you get your full cash offer within days.

    5) You Get Paid!

    With your house sold and closed in record time, you’re ready to start packing and get on with life—cash in hand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This program is for any homeowner who needs to sell her/his home very fast. Some of the most common scenarios include:

    • Inheriting a house you don’t want
    • Going through a lengthy divorce settlement
    • Relocating for a job in a different city
    • Retiring and needing to downsize
    • Behind on payments and wanting to avoid foreclosure
    • Needing to make costly repairs on your home
    • Renting a home and occupants are trashing it

    Bottom line: You need to sell your home quickly. You don’t want to waste time hassling with prices, commissions, and contracts. If that’s the case, the Immediate Cash Buyout Program may be for you.

    Absolutely no fees are paid to Select Homes Team Real Estate. There may be standard closing and title fees that accompany all real estate transactions, depending on your area. However, the Immediate Cash Buyout program means NO commissions, NO fees, and NO hassles.

    It is not uncommon for home-sellers to be paid within 7 days of receiving their cash offer. Because your home sale does not involve a traditional buyer, another real estate agent, and another entire set of transactional paperwork, we can pay you cash and close on your home in as little as 7 days.

    If you’re behind on house payments, the Immediate Cash Buyout Program can be a good way to prevent foreclosure, save your credit, and keep your creditors at bay. Our team may be able to negotiate a short sale with your lender. In other words, your lender may accept a lower payoff amount so that they can settle the debt in full.

    Are you behind on house payments and want to get out of your home ASAP? Contact us today at (316) 684-0000 or have us give you a call.

    YES! As part of the Immediate Cash Buyout Program, we may buy Single Family Homes, duplexes, multi-family homes, and other properties. Contact us to see if your property qualifies.

    When our Listing Agent visits your home, he or she will have done a substantial amount of research to determine the value of your home. Before we make our cash offer, we consider factors like:

    • Home values in your neighborhood
    • Recent home sales in your area
    • Current market conditions
    • The condition of your property
    • Cost of future repairs
    • The age of your home
    • And much more…

    Be aware that, because our offer will be for the home “as-is” and because the offer will be in cash, the offer will be a discount from your home’s current market value. Still, however, we pay all the closing costs and close the home quickly. This guarantees maximum cash in your pocket.


    Ready to get your Cash Offer? Fill out the form below or give us a call today at (316) 684-0000 to get started.