What To Do When You Get Summer Cabin Fever

    It’s hot outside, but being stuck inside isn’t any fun. Make the Summer Cabin Fever bearable with these productive tasks.



    (I thought this is how rooms were supposed to look?)

    Do you have a case of cabin fever?

    “Uh, I think that only happens in the winter.”
    “Well, it can happen in the summer, with endless days of high humidity and high temperature days.”

    You’re bored just sitting in the basement, wishing you could keep cool and go above ground level at the same time. In that boredom, you look around the room and wonder how you got so much stuff. You’re afraid if you don’t move soon, the stuff will take over. You’ve vowed to get a handle on the overflowing baskets and boxes, but where do you begin?

    One word: Declutter!

    Easier said than done, but break it down room by room. Look through the following areas. Since it’s too hot to be outside, you can be productive and stay cool.


    Look through your closet for clothes that you’ve outgrown, are in bad shape or you just don’t like. This includes shoes and accessories like belts, scarves, gloves. Look high and low for things that are in plain sight or things that are boxed away. Make three piles: one to mend, one to give away, one to throw out. Be honest as you sort through each item. If you haven’t used or worn it in six months, it belongs in one of the three piles.

    After you’re finished paring down, give order to what remains. Now that you can see what you have, you’re less likely to overlook that favorite sweater or treasured sandals you got on vacation last year.

    Do the same for the closets of other family members in your home. Remember to tackle the linen closet or the catch-all closet in the hallway.

    You’ve been moving and have been productive. Feeling any better?


    Kitchens and bathrooms have cabinets with six sides. How long as it been since you saw the bottom of the cabinets?Has the back of the cabinet been hiding since you first moved in? Do all the appliances in your kitchen work? Are there gadgets you never use, but you bought at a party to help out the hostess? Did you find bottles of expired medications?

    Make the same three piles you made in the bedroom: one to mend, one to give away, one to throw out.

    Other Rooms

    Are you tired of looking at the nightstand by the bed because of the old clock radio? Do you remember the last time you used the dual-cassette alarm clock? If it still works, donate it to a shelter. Even if it doesn’t, consider donating it to a nonprofit group that will repair it.

    Make the same three piles you made in the bedroom: one to mend, one to give away, one to throw out. Spend at least 30 minutes rummaging through the layers of clutter.

    Feel better? And maybe you found the tablet charger.

    Common Areas

    Don’t forget the living room, dining room and other places where everyone visits. Magazines, books read years ago, and newspapers are all usable. Think creatively. For more ideas, check out this article from Real Simple.

    Summer cabinet fever is survivable.

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