Agent of the Month Feature: 3 Tips for Selling Your Home for Max Value

    Greg Yocom July’s Agent of the Month shares his secrets to selling your home for it’s maximum value!

    Agent of the Month Feature:
    3 Steps to Selling Your Home for Max Value in Wichita

    What does success look like?

    Is it national recognition for running a race with rope swings, climbing walls, and tractor pulls? Or is it selling 82 homes in a year? Maybe for you it’s spending a week on an island vacation?

    Well this Month’s Select Homes Agent of the Month, Greg Yocom has done it all. However, to him success isn’t any of those things.

    “Success is a state of mind. It’s setting goals, and having a plan to go get them.”

    Greg’s goals weren’t always real estate related. A Wichita native Greg has spent over 25 years in the Real Estate Business. Currently a selling specialist, Greg has worked in all areas of the business. Before starting his career in Real Estate he worked successfully for the Boeing Company. It was in his time there that Greg met Edward Deming (if you don’t know, click the hyperlink) an event that would set his already successfully career down a new path. Following Deming’s idea of “continuous improvement” Greg took his first step into Real Estate soon after. His beginning wasn’t glamorous:

    “I would wake up and work 5am-1pm then go and make calls all evening for a real estate agency.”

    Hard Work Pays Off

    Working hard paid off for Greg, not only does he consistently rank among Select Homes top sellers, he has gained national and international fame outside of the office. Greg is a highly successfully Spartan Racer. For those not in the know– Spartan Races are adult obstacle courses that often include several miles of racing mixed in with mud crawls, wall climbing and carrying heavy objects for distance. Currently ranked in the top 5 Spartan racers nationally and internationally for his age group, Greg has had television opportunities and currently trains in his own gym with several other extreme athletes.

    With so much success in his personal life we asked Greg how home sellers can find success themselves.


    “It’s simple stuff really, it all comes down to Condition, Marketing, and Price”


    The condition of the home in today’s market is super critical. Everyone wants a deal, but they want a deal on the nicest house on the block. So if you are looking into selling, make sure to update features in your home, and take care of any minor repairs you can before listing.


    Marketing is another piece of the puzzle that many sellers miss out on. If you are looking to sell your home, make sure that the agent presents you with a detailed and proven marketing plan. You need to ask “what’s this going to do for me, and how is it going to get my home sold”. If they can’t give you a plan with proven results, then you need a new agent.


    Greg put it so well, take it word for word from him:

    “This is what sets Select Homes apart. We see so many homes we’ve seen it all. We can price your home to sell. Not to sit. Everyone thinks that they can sell their home for x number of dollars. My job is to say this is what your home is worth plus some. That way people come through and offers come in. Every day the house is on the market the seller is losing money.”

    We sure are happy to have Greg on staff, even if he’d beat me in a race.

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