Our Favorite Kitchen Trends for 2016-17

    Trends come and go, but kitchens are forever. We take a closer look at all things kitchen and let you know what we’d like to see in a home for sale.

    Kitchens can make or break a home. In fact, according to Business Insider 7 of the top 15 things that sell homes quickly are found in the kitchen. Whether you are buying or selling a home, chances are you want your kitchen to be in style for 2016 and beyond. We went through and offered some opinions on some favorite current trends. We hope you like our picks! But remember—a home is yours. Use it to reflect your personal tastes and style.

    Overall Style: Traditional beats Modern or Rustic

    Image courtesy of House and Home

    Overall style encompasses everything that we will comment on below and is open to personal interpretation. In terms of overall style, we favor a traditionally arranged kitchen.

    Why traditional over modern or rustic? Well-kept traditional kitchens appeal to nearly every home buyer. With painted or stained cabinets, multipurpose islands, and glass-front doors, traditional kitchens are timeless. They can be adjusted to suit one’s taste with pops of color or more modern additions like matte cabinets and fixtures with clean lines.

    The versatility and wide ranging appeal of traditional kitchens keep them number one in our hearts.

    Color: If it’s found in nature, it’s hot right now.

    Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    Paint is a hard pick. The nice part is that it can be changed easily and relatively inexpensively. However, if you are renovating your current kitchen or looking to get the most out of selling your home there are better and worse choices.

    Watching shows on TV might make you think that painting walls a neutral color (read off-white or beige) and then tossing in some yellow or orange for accent might be a good idea. Think again. In 2016 and beyond interior designers are leaning toward softer colors. Instead of going for primary red, think about muted colors like gray, soft blue and pastel shades of yellow. The trendiest kitchen colors right now are all found in nature.

    Color popping with your accessories is still a great technique to make a memorable kitchen—just keep it subtle.

    It’s also important to take in the overall aesthetic of the room and home when picking a color. If you have black appliances and you go all neutral, your fridge might look out of place. So if you want a cohesive look, start with your appliances and choose colors to complement them.

    Coolest Tech: Express your taste through conventional gadgets.

    Image courtesy of dockingdrawer.com

    We live in a technological age and modern kitchens are no different. If you want to be ahead of the game, then we recommend looking into smart tech for your kitchen.

    With more and more families on the go, charging stations in the heart of the home are growing in popularity. These mini power-plants are cleverly installed in drawers and in accessible but discreet locations all over kitchens. If you’re wanting to make the jump into kitchen tech, you may also consider installing:

    Coffee, steamed veggies or your smartphone? Regardless of what type of tech you install in your kitchen, there are a ton of opportunities to increase convenience and value.

    Tech Spotlight: Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before. You are having a backyard BBQ and while the burgers are on the grill you catch youself socializing with family or friends.

    While your all caught up on their lives, the food you had on the grill has turned to ash.

    With a Bluetooth Meat Thermometer you simply set an internal temp, and it’ll send you a message when your food is ready.

    Flooring: Wood isn’t the only option.

    Image courtesy of Forest Park

    Stuck on wood? Did you know that most major tile companies have a version of tile that looks like real wood? Some of them are so realistic that your guests (and you) will need to look twice to really tell the difference.

    Aside from the wood look, tile offers a huge variation of colors and styles. Pick something that matches the rest of your kitchen but isn’t too bold. Tile gives you a kitchen choice with tons of options, and if your dishwasher leaks or your freezer melts you won’t have ruined your floors.

    Countertops: Marble and Granite still reign supreme.

    Image courtesy of HGTV

    Countertops are one area of the kitchen where we don’t have a strong opinion. Granite and marble are both still highly popular but high quality laminate, wood and quartz are also making their way onto the scene.

    The choice for your kitchen countertop really depends on need and look. While marble is beautiful and remains cool to the touch (good for bakers) it’s also expensive so many opt for granite instead. While on the opposite end of the spectrum we have butchers block. Butchers block wood countertops are beautiful and add a certain rustic elegance to the home but they require yearly and monthly maintenance.

    Countertop trends haven’t changed a lot year to year, so pick something that fits your needs and in a shade that fits the style of your home.

    How does your kitchen stack up?

    Given that the kitchen is the heart of the home, how does yours stack up? We can help you identify how attractive your kitchen is to potential buyers.

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