Wheelin’ and Dealin’ with the Horseless Carriage Club

    Last week, Select Homes Team here in Wichita had an interesting opportunity with a special organization in town: the Horseless Carriage Club.

    About the Event

    Select Homes Listing Agent Mike King conducted the event's live auction
    Select Homes Listing Agent Mike King conducted the event’s live auction

    In order to raise money for their local branch, members of the Horseless Carriage Club contacted Select Homes’ very own Mike King to lead a live auction. The event was held on Friday, March 25th, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Sedgwick County Park. Friday night’s fundraiser for the Wichita club grossed over $600. Members brought items varying from delicious, homemade, baked goods to used auto parts from various makes and models of horseless carriages.

    As Mike King said, “It is easy to see we have a crowd that likes to eat!” Many of the funds received came from the live auction of cakes, cookies, breads and pies. “The sweets generated some pretty fierce bidding wars,” King said. It was a fun evening enjoyed by all in attendance.

    What is the Horseless Carriage Club?

    This national club began as a way to remember the dawning of the age of the automobile industry. This unique period of automotive history covers the turn of the century to the end of carriage coachwork, gas lights, hand cranking and profuse use of brass.

    For the most part, only the wealthy owned automobiles during this pre-1916 era, and ownership required a pioneering spirit, inventiveness and superior mechanical ability to keep these early automobiles functioning. These early automobiles were called horseless carriages as they were capable of transporting people and freight faster and longer distance without the need of a horse to pull them. Unlike a horse, the automobile did not require feeding or veterinarians to maintain health when not in service. However, much like a horse, they often got a colorful language lecture by the owner when they would not perform!

    In essence, all automobiles are Horseless Carriages, but HCCA has defined the Horseless Carriage as any pioneer gas, steam and electric motor vehicle built or manufactured prior to January 1, 1916. The club, however, is open to anyone interested in this unique era and does not require the member to own a pre-1916 automobile.

    There are numerous Horseless Carriage Clubs all over America. Wichita’s regional group is over 50-years old.

    How Can We Help Your Organization?

    Select Homes offers a variety of complimentary services to local non-profit groups and community organizations, including facilitating auctions and lending our moving trucks. Do you have a community event coming up for your organization? We’d love to help you make it a success.

    Contact Select Homes at (316) 684-0000 to see how we can help your organization.

    Special thanks to Rhonda Riggs for writing this post. As our Client Care Coordinator, Rhonda facilitates each community event we take part in, from charity auctions to educational workshops.

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