5 Things You Must Know When Buying a Home Inside an HOA

    If you’re buying a home inside an HOA community, there are five things you need to know about first.

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    What are the five things you need to know if you’re buying a home inside an HOA?

    First, what is the cost? The amount can vary greatly depending on the services and amenities provided within the area.

    Second, you need to know what’s covered. It’s important to understand the monthly services provided for your payment. In most cases, services like snow removal, grass cutting, community pools, and community parks are offered. You will also have a handbook to describe all of this in detail.

    Third, you need to know the rules. Typically in our area, you can’t leave your trash can out by the curb for more than 24 hours, you can’t leave your garage door open, and you can’t have cars parked in front of your house. Please reference your handbook for the specific rules within your HOA.


    Get involved, have a voice at the table, and enjoy your community.


    The fourth thing you need to know is the regulated color schemes. Most HOAs make suggestions on the color patterns you can use on your siding and trim and also dictate how your yard should look like. This is why most of the houses in certain HOAs tend to feel and look the same.

    Finally, know if you can get involved. The answer is yes—you can. There’s usually a community or board to vote on topics and make decisions to decide which direction they want the community to go. Feel free to get involved, have a voice at the table, and enjoy your community.

    If you have any questions about specific HOA guidelines or any other real estate topics, feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help you.

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